Edelbrock Total Power Packages

To get great performance out of any engine, all of the components must work together. For over 30 years, the Edelbrock Total Power Package system has solved the parts matching puzzle for many street performance enthusiasts. Before this, enthusiasts would have to ask their friends or search through various manufacturer catalogs to try and piece together the best combination for their engine. The Edelbrock Total Power Package system is the ultimate resource for finding the best combination of Edelbrock parts for your engine. Many of these dyno-tested combinations are the same recipes we use for our own line of crate engines.

E-Street Power Packages are designed to deliver entry-level street performance and great drivability from idle to 5,500 rpm at an affordable price. These packages use Performer intake manifolds, Performer-Plus camshafts and E-Street cylinder heads. E-Street cylinder heads are built for use with mild performance street applications with hydraulic fl at tappet camshafts. They feature larger than stock intake and exhaust ports to improve engine efficiency.

Edelbrock Performer Power Packages are designed to improve the performance and drivability in the low- to mid-rpm range. These packages use Performer intake manifolds, Performer cylinder heads and Performer-Plus camshafts. They are intended to make your engine more effi cient, with the potential for increased mileage. 

Performer RPM Power Packages have a broad operating range for improved performance in street applications in the 1,500 to 6,500 rpm range. They use Performer RPM or RPM Air-Gap intake manifolds, Performer RPM cylinder heads and Rollin’ Thunder hydraulic roller camshafts. This combination delivers great throttle and improved low-end torque while maintaining great vacuum at idle. Performer RPM cylinder heads include top-quality valvetrain parts for maximum power and are available with spring packages for use with both hydraulic flat tappet and hydraulic roller applications. Because of the high rpm capabilities of these packages, a high-volume oil pump, adjustable rocker arms and High performance pistons with 9.5:1 compression are recommended. 

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