About us

About Gooze.


Gooze, the European performance parts supplier 

Gooze began importing cars from the United States and Asia for customers throughout Europe and providing the relevant license plate in 2007.  In addition to importing, the work increasingly began to shift towards the maintenance and installation of performance parts. Gooze quickly ran into the problem that the parts were not in stock anywhere in Europe and that everything had to be specially ordered and for a special price as well.  Therefore, Gooze #1 mission is:  

"Lightning-speed delivery of performance products at US competitive prices in Europe"


To be able to compete with the US supplier with our prices, Gooze only supplies products from the range of its dealer/importerships. Because of our direct contact and agreements with the manufacturer we are able to provide you with the right support and service, even in Europe!







Performance Without Worries.


Do not leave it lying around!


Free shipping.

  You can now also buy your performance parts without worries in Europe directly from your performance dealer. Gooze also offers the manufacturer's warranty in Europe. All our products are standardly equipped with a 1-year warranty, which means you no longer have to worry about claiming your warranty at the manufacturer or the retailer in the USA.   Have you ordered the wrong thing? From now on it will not be left lying around your house. At Gooze you can return your parts without justification for 14 days, and we will give a full refund.    All orders of 99 euros and up we will ship free of charge to addresses in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We will ship free of charge to other European countries for orders of 199 euros and up. Additionally, we offer low shipping costs starting at €7.95 for smaller orders. 

Quick Delivery.


Secure Payment.

  Because of our continuously-growing stock and our reliable shipping partners DPD & UPS we make sure that your products are delivered quickly. We will provide you with a track-and-trace number at an appropriate time, so you will be able to track your shipment. Products that we do not have in stock, we will order directly at the manufacturer for you; as soon as your order is complete, it will be shipped to you. If you need certain products from your order before then, please contact us.   Whether you wish to pay quickly with Ideal, PayPal, or prefer paying with your credit card, it's all possible with us. That way, you complete payment immediately during the process of ordering with your own bank in your trusted environment.